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Folio Thinking: Personal Learning Portfolios


Folio Thinking The Folio Thinking Project is a collaboration of six research groups at three universities—the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Uppsala University, and Stanford University. These research sites represent different cultures, educational contexts, and student populations; however, we are all implementing portfolio activities. We believe that the reflective practice of creating portfolios enables students to document and track their learning; develop an integrated, coherent picture of their learning experiences; and enhance their self-understanding. Through our collaboration, we will develop tools and techniques to teach and support Folio Thinking in any learning context.

Project Lead
Larry Leifer

Project Staff
Cynthia Mazow
Carolyn Ybarra
Helen Chen

Stanford University Program in Writing and Rhetoric
Andrea Lunsford
Corinne Arraez

Stanford University Medical School
Rikke Greenwald

Lief Handberg
Ulf Blomqvist

Uppsala University
Janne Backlund
Christer Eld
Maria Gustavsson
Magdalena Larsson
Jonas Gustafsson
Jan Sjunnesson

"Supporting and Evaluating Folio Thinking: The Design of an Advising Portfolio Community," presented at the AAHE Assessment Conference, Boston, 2002.

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